Due to the recent earthquakes, our Wellington contact centre has been temporarily closed. While we do have contact centres elsewhere in New Zealand, you might experience delays in reaching us via phone, email or other normal channels. We realise that this can be a hassle, and we want to thank you for your patience.

Please don’t call the contact centre unless absolutely necessary

While we’re working with reduced capability, we ask that you not call our contact centre unless it’s urgent, This helps us keep the lines clear for people who need to talk to us immediately.

Internet banking and our mobile apps are still fully functional

The large majority of day-to-day banking needs can be taken care of by our internet banking and mobile app service. For example, you can:

  • check your balances - internet banking and the mobile app offers the most up to date balance
  • open accounts (via the Apply & Open menu)
  • transfer money between your own accounts, or pay other people
  • set up, change or delete bill payments and automatic payments (via the Pay & Transfer screens)
  • update address details (via the Settings menu)
  • retrieve a copy of your statement (via the Statement Vault)
  • increase/decrease your credit card limit (via the Settings menu).

Other common questions