Who can join?

To join KiwiSaver you must be a New Zealand citizen or entitled to live in New Zealand indefinitely and living or normally living in New Zealand. You must also be under 65 years old.

You could get:

  • a member tax credit of up to $521 per year (the equivalent of $10 per week) for members who are over 18, residing in New Zealand, and not yet entitled to withdraw from KiwiSaver. This is paid at 50 cents for each dollar you contribute, so you’ll get the maximum amount as long as you contribute at least $1,042 per year (about $20 per week).
  • a 3% compulsory employer contribution for members who are contributing through their jobs and who are over 18 and not yet entitled to withdraw from KiwiSaver. Some employers who are already paying into other eligible superannuation schemes may not be required to contribute to their employees’ KiwiSaver accounts.
  • a KiwiSaver first home withdrawal. If you’ve been a KiwiSaver member for at least three years, you may be able to withdraw some or all of your KiwiSaver savings (except for $1,000 and any funds transferred from an Australian complying superannuation scheme) to put towards buying your first home. Other conditions apply – find out more.
  • a KiwiSaver HomeStart grant from Housing New Zealand. If you’re buying an existing home, you could be eligible for $1,000 for each year you’ve been contributing – up to a maximum of $5,000 for five years. And if you’re buying a newly built home, you could be eligible for $2,000 for each year you’ve been contributing – up to a maximum of $10,000 for five years. You’ll need to have been contributing for at least 3 years. Subject to certain conditions – find out more.

For more information about KiwiSaver, its benefits and eligibility criteria, go to kiwisaver.govt.nz

Making contributions

Members who are employees will contribute at either the minimum contribution rate (currently 3%), or at a rate of 4% or 8% of their salary or wages. If you’re self-employed you can choose how much and how often you contribute.

Once you’ve been a member of KiwiSaver for 12 months, you can apply to Inland Revenue to go on a contributions holiday. While you’re on a contributions holiday you won’t be entitled to the compulsory employer contribution.

Getting your money

Your KiwiSaver savings will generally be locked in until:

  • You're eligible for NZ Super (currently 65), or
  • You've been a member for at least 5 years (if you joined over the age of 60).

There are some circumstances where you can apply to withdraw some or all of your investment early. You can read more about them on the KiwiSaver website.

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Government contributions and rates are current as at 1 April 2014 and are subject to change at any time.

Download the Product Disclosure Statement for the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme (PDF 650.1 kB) or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.

Kiwi Wealth Limited is the Issuer and Manager of the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme (the Scheme) and is a related company of Kiwibank Limited. Kiwibank is a distributor but is not an issuer of the Scheme. Investments made in the Scheme do not represent bank deposits or other liabilities of Kiwibank and neither they nor any other person guarantees the repayment of members’ interests in the Scheme or the payment of any earnings or returns on investment in the Scheme. Investments in the Scheme are subject to investment and other risks, including possible delays in payment of withdrawal amounts in some circumstances and loss of investment value.

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